GNOME Shell Google Calendar – autostart problem – workaround

Posted: January 28, 2013 in GNOME 3, Python
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Yes; did it! I finally worked my ways back into Google+ and Google Calendar.
Sadly, the Date/Time extension of GNOME 3 doesn’t support any calendar application other than Evolution, by default.
The more delighted I was when I found this great little Python script: GNOME Shell Google Calendar.

I’m not going to write a new installation guide, as there is already a very good one over at


Just as I was, it seems like many Debian/Ubuntu users are experiencing this:

GNOME Shell Google Calendar ‘Startup Applications’ entry doesn’t work.

Let’s see what the programs output has to say:

  • It’s written to ~/.xsession-errors.
  • Search for ‘’

Logging in as 'None'...
Error logging in as 'None'
'None' may not be a GNOME online account. A list of existing accounts is below.
If you do not see a list of accounts, then you first need to add one.
For more information, see h**p://
0. YourICQ#
Please choose the Account: Traceback (most recent call last):
File "/usr/bin/gs-google-cal", line 479, in
account = oauth.oauth_prompt()
File "/opt/gnome-shell-google-calendar/", line 25, in oauth_prompt
email = accounts[int(raw_input('Please choose the Account: '))]
EOFError: EOF when reading a line

Now what? Confused
Though you (hopefully!) did the first time run to set up your Google account, the script prompts to choose one of your accounts stored in GNOME online accounts.

A (maybe) satisfying workaround:

Simply use the scripts ‘--account‘ argument!


    • Go to your ‘Startup Applications’ dialog (e.g. run ‘gnome-session-properties’ from a terminal);
    • edit your entry for GNOME Shell Google Calendar or create a new one;
    • make sure you append ‘ –‘.

ThinkingA real solution is ‘work in progress’.
I will create a pull request (at least a fork) when it’s done.
Nope, I actually completely forgot about this, because it’s working just fine.
Therefore I hereby promote this to be a viable solution. ;)[2013-03-08]

Hope you could make use of this!
If you still have problems running the script, leave a comment below and we’ll solve them!


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